Iowa Sets New Voter Registration Record Ahead of 2020 General Election

Statewide Iowa — More than 90 percent of eligible Iowans are registered to vote — and the Secretary of State reports there are a record number of nearly 2.1 million active voters in the state.

The monthly report from the Iowa Secretary of State’s office shows there are about 20,000 more registered Republican voters in Iowa compared to Democrats. A third block of no party or independent voters account for most of the rest.

Sorted out by congressional districts, Republicans have a huge advantage here in the fourth district, where registered Republican voters outnumber Democrats by nearly 80,000, while Democrats have more registered voters than Republicans in each of the other three congressional districts. In the third, there are about 10,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans. And, in both the second and first congressional districts, Democrats hold a roughly 24,000 voter registration edge over Republicans.



Red Cross Continues Work in NW Iowa

Northwest Iowa — Three weeks out from devastating floods in northwest Iowa, and recovery continues.  Three weeks out from devastating floods

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