Iowa State Patrol Encourages Farmers to Check Markings on Implements

Iowa State Patrol logoSpencer, Iowa — Planting season is upon us and the Iowa State Patrol would like to remind farmers of the basic marking requirements for their equipment. Public Safety Officer, Trooper Vince Kurtz says the Iowa code grants several exemptions to farm implements on the road. But, he says, it does specify key requirements that both power units and towed equipment must have.

Kurtz says that knowing and following these requirements will reduce traffic collisions involving implements. These collisions often lead to serious injuries and or fatalities due to the large size and slow speed of farm machinery. In addition, civil liability that often accompanies these crashes can be avoided, according to Kurtz.

The Iowa State Patrol has published a quick reference guide to clarify marking requirements on implements.  That guide can be viewed by clicking here.



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