Iowa State Patrol Post 5 Office Re-Opened In Cherokee

Cherokee, Iowa — Years ago, there was an Iowa State Patrol office in Cherokee. But due to some financial issues, the state decided to close the office, known as “Post 5”. But Post 5 is back.
Trooper Kurtz 495
Trooper Vince Kurtz with the Iowa State Patrol tells us the situation.

Trooper Kurtz says closing the Cherokee office really didn’t save as much money as the state had hoped.

He says when Post 5 was closed, District 5 was split up between Post 6 in Spencer and Post 4 in Denison. He tells us the counties that will again make up District 5.

By the way, the Spencer office will now only cover Lyon, Osceola, Dickinson, Emmet, Sioux, O’Brien, Clay, and Palo Alto counties, the same is it did before District 5 was split up initially.

Kurtz says there shouldn’t be too much noticeable change to the public except a greater number of troopers in the Cherokee area.

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