IRS Warns Of Direct Mail Scam

Statewide Iowa — The Internal Revenue Service is warning Iowa taxpayers to watch out for a new tactic being used by con artists that’s actually more of an old-school scam — direct mail. The agency’s Michael Devine says taxpayers need to be vigilant if they get a letter that appears to be from the I-R-S and requests personal information or an immediate payment.
Scam Alert

(As above) Devine says, “If the only contact you normally have with the IRS is sending in your tax return once a year, you should be very suspicious of any unexpected contact.”

The letters being sent out look legitimate and if in doubt, Devine says to double-check by calling the I-R-S.

(As above) “Some of them may look very authentic, but they’re fake,” he says, and he stresses the agency does not contact taxpayers via phone, email or social media.

Devine says scammers are keeping the I-R-S investigators on their toes.

(As above) “We are getting better at catching these criminals,” he says, “but they’re evolving in their tactics and their techniques to try and steal your information, steal your money, and we’re always playing catch-up.”

For more information, call 800-TAX-1040 or visit

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