IUB Denies Request To Reconsider Pipeline Permit

Des Moines, Iowa — The Iowa Utilities Board has denied motions by some landowners and the Sierra Club to reconsider or have another hearing on the permit for the Bakken oil pipeline, which is to carry Bakken crude through northwest Iowa on it’s way to Illinois.
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The I-U-B denied those motions Thursday.

The three members voted unanimously on March 10th to grant Dakota Access a permit to construct 346 miles of the pipeline through 18 Iowa counties. The board then issued the permit on April 8th after Dakota Access completed certain compliance filings required by the board.

The I-U-B has ordered what’s called a complaint proceeding for allegations that Dakota Access began construction of the pipeline before the permit was actually issued. The company says it was only doing preliminary survey work on the route and had not begun construction.



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