July 2020 Ranks As One Of The Worst For Traffic Fatalities In Iowa

Statewide Iowa — While you would think that the lower traffic numbers due to the pandemic would keep grim statistics like monthly traffic fatalities down, that was not the case last month.

Iowa State Patrol Trooper and Safety Education Officer Kevin Krull says one fatality is too many, but the number was pretty high in July.

(as said:) “July was a very bad month for us when we’re looking at our fatality count. 26 percent of the year’s total deaths happen in July alone. And August is not off to a good start. We were on track to get below that 300. We talked about that earlier this year and we’re hoping to get below that 300 but people’s speeds and driving habits have not improved and now there’s more obstacles out on the road with everybody getting back out and about.”

He gives some suggestions for staying safe.

(as said:) “People need to slow down, put the phone down, and buckle up, you know, it’s one of those things. And then make sure we’re getting the designated driver and paying attention. But yeah, we had 42 deaths last month alone in the state of Iowa, and that’s not a good day.”

Krull says last month ranks as one of the worst for traffic fatalities in recent history. The first six days of August saw nine additional fatalities in Iowa, says Krull.

According to Krull, distracted driving is a huge issue as between 56 and 57 percent of crashes involve a distracted driver. He says drivers need to slow down and put down the phone.

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