June Weather Drier Than Normal

Northwest Iowa — It may not seem like it, but June 2019 saw less rainfall in Sheldon than we’d see in a normal June, and a LOT less than June 2018.

According to the official National Weather Service Sheldon Weather statistics, June 2019 saw 2.41-inches of precipitation fall on Sheldon. That’s an inch-and-a-half below the normal June rainfall of 3.91-inches, and more than 9-inches below June of last year. The biggest single-day rainfall total in June this year was just 0.65-inches on June 28th.

Temperatures proved to be fairly normal for June this year. The average high temp for this June was 79-degrees, which is exactly the normal for a June in Sheldon. On the warmest day of June 2019 the mercury reached 95-degrees, with that temperature coming on June 30th. The coolest high temperature reading was 64-degrees, which we saw on June 24th.

As for low temperatures, the warmest low recorded during June of this year was 77-degrees, and it came on June 30th. The coolest low temperature reading came on June 13th when the mercury dipped to 43-degrees. Our average low temperature for the month was 58-degrees, which is some 3-degrees warmer than the average low reading in June.

The records we checked date back through more than 100-years of record-keeping for Sheldon.



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