KIWA-FM Now Streams Everything, 24/7

Sheldon, Iowa — KIWA Radio is now giving you more WAYS to listen to the radio. There have been some changes to KIWA’s online streaming on computers, phones, and other devices.

KIWA’s Tom Traughber tells us that while KIWA has been streaming a number of programs and elements for several years, this is different.

Traughber says that listening online is now just like listening over the air to KIWA-FM 105.3, and you get all of KIWA’s music, unlike before. He tells us about the devices on which you can now get all of KIWA-FM’s programming.

You should be able to get KIWA-FM on any device that supports TuneIn. He tells us how you can get KIWA-FM on your smartphone.

He says that while the stream is now available via Alexa, KIWA’s news headlines and the weekday 5 O’Clock Report will continue to be available anytime you want to listen to them. That has not changed.

To get KIWA-FM on your Alexa-enabled device, just tell Alexa to play KIWA-FM.

Traughber says there is one small change that had to be made to the website to complete the upgrade to 24-7 streaming.

He says KIWA has more improvements on the horizon.

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