Koedam Named Sioux Center’s Next Police Chief

Sioux Center, Iowa — A new police chief has been named for the Sioux Center Police Department.

Mayor David Krahling appointed veteran officer Josh Koedam as Sioux Center’s Chief of Police. The council ratified the appointment Monday, June 26th.

Krahling says Koedam has a strong commitment to the law enforcement profession and a unique perspective of law enforcement in a town like Sioux Center. He says Koedam is eager to invest in all of the officers in the department and to collaborate with other law enforcement agencies serving the area.

Koedam, a lifelong Sioux Center resident, has been with the Sioux Center Police since 2009.

Koedam says, “As chief, I see it as having the opportunity to lead by example with the Sioux Center Police Department. I look forward to working with our great crew of officers. Some I’ve worked with the majority of my career and we have a cohesiveness from shared experiences. We’re hiring some great new guys as well. Our focus is to continue to keep Sioux Center safe and be a beacon of safety and security of the community.”

Koedam said one priority is continuing to move the department forward, with growth as a whole and as individual officers pursuing specialty areas. Another priority is police department involvement in the community with various opportunities and events.

Koedam says his community perspective stems from his own life growing up in Sioux Center.

He says, “I had so many positive experiences from childhood through today, and I want others to have the same opportunities I’ve had. My family lives here, and we have tons of family and friends with kids here, and I want them to have the opportunity to grow up in a great community.”

Koedam says key role models have shaped his passion to serve in law enforcement.

According to Koedam, “Mike Halma, who served here, was my neighbor, and Steve Hilt with the Iowa State Patrol – seeing their career and the work they did really piqued my interest.”

Koedam is a Dordt graduate with criminal justice and communication degrees. His junior year at Dordt, Koedam began working part time with the Sioux Center Police Department. His senior year, he was offered a full-time position and he both worked and attended Dordt full time. He has served with the police department since.

Koedam and his wife, Jess, a Registered Nurse at Promise Community Health Center, live in Sioux Center with their two daughters. In his free time, Koedam enjoys hunting and outdoors activities with his family.



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