Kurtz Has Planting Season Traffic Information

ISP patrol car zoom on logosNorthwest Iowa — With planting season upon us, Iowa State Patrol Trooper Vince Kurtz shared some information about implements on the roadway when he visited the KIWA Morning Show recently.

Trooper Kurtz says that, while farm implements need not be registered, there is some safety equipment that is required to operate these implements on the roadway.

In addition to registration not being required to operate implements on the road, he says a valid drivers license isn’t necessary, either.

The Trooper did urge people to use common sense in letting their children drive their farm implements.

Kurtz says that, in our immediate area, you may encounter an implement on any road.  He says the only roads where implements are not allowed are what he calls, “controlled access roads”.

Kurtz says the most important thing for motorists to remember is to slow down, allow yourself plenty of reaction time if you encounter one of these large implements, maintain your patience, and drive with care.



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