Le Mars Woman Sues Maker Of Roundup In Wrongful Death Suit

Le Mars, Iowa — A Le Mars woman has filed suit against the Monsanto Company — which is now part of Bayer. She claims Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide caused the wrongful death of her husband in 2001.

According to court documents, the suit, which has been filed in federal court, alleges that the death of the woman’s late husband, 46-year-old Arlan Kluver of Le Mars from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was due to his use of the company’s Roundup herbicide. The 57-page complaint says that Kluver was exposed to Roundup from roughly 1980 to 2000, while he worked for a lawn care service in Le Mars, and was further exposed to the product while caring for his farm.

The suit alleges that Monsanto knew about the risks, and did not alert the public.

It says there was a design defect in the product, that Monsanto failed to give adequate warnings on the product label, that Monsanto was negligent in their failure to disclose information, and that they committed fraud and breach of warranty, among other allegations.

The plaintiffs have demanded a jury trial on the matter. No specific amount has been asked for, rather, they are asking for damages to be determined at trial as provided by law.

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