Lewis & Clark Awards Sibley Service Line Contract

Tea, SD — Tea, SD — The Board of Directors of the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System awarded an $8.4 million contract for the Sibley service line to Metro Construction of Tea, SD.

The service line includes 17 miles of 12-inch diameter PVC pipe. The substantial completion deadline is July 2025.

Executive Director Troy Larson says, “It has been a long time coming, but this is the final pipeline project for the 44.19 million gallons a day Base System. We still have two more projects to award to complete the Base System, but those involve the third phase of the water treatment plant and some backup generators. We are looking forward to a “golden spike” celebration when the last section of pipe is installed.”

Lewis & Clark is a non-profit wholesale provider of water. It has 20 member cities and rural water systems in southeast South Dakota, northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota. The system was incorporated in January 1990 and authorized by Congress in July 2000. Construction started in earnest in 2004 and the system began delivering water to 11 members in July 2012. Water is currently being delivered to 17 members. It is anticipated Sheldon will begin receiving water by the end of this year, Madison in mid-2024, and Sibley in mid-2025.

Construction started in 2022 to expand the system from 44.19 million gallons per day to 60 million gallons per day and the expansion is estimated to be complete in late 2031.


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