Lots Of Traffic, Officers On The Roads The Next Few Days; Trooper Says Don’t Drive Distracted Or Impaired

Northwest Iowa — It’s about time for many people to hit the road, go over the river and through the woods to grandma’s for Thanksgiving. And law enforcement officers are reminding people that being a safe driver is your only responsibility behind the wheel.

Iowa State Trooper spokesperson Kevin Krull tells us about the forecast — in a couple of different ways.

He says last year it was a deadly holiday in Iowa.

While Thanksgiving is a positive holiday with themes of thankfulness and family, it’s not a raucous celebration like some other holidays, so we tend to forget that the Thanksgiving holiday period can be a dangerous one for other reasons.

Trooper Krull says the main idea is to have a backup plan. And if you do happen to forget and end up in an unexpected situation, he says there are always other things you can do to stay off the road if you’ve had too much to drink.

Krull says it’s as simple as if you drink, don’t drive.

The Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau and law enforcement agencies in Iowa are stepping up traffic patrols. The Special Traffic Enforecement Project is underway now. Expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement officers on the roads from now through Monday, November 27th.



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