Midamerican Testing System To Keep Turbine Red Warning Lights Off Most Of The Time

Iowa — The constant nighttime unison blinking of warning lights on top of wind turbines may eventually be a thing of the past.

MidAmerican energy spokesman Geoff Greenwood says the company is testing a new radar system where the lights on some 200 wind turbines in Adair, Audubon, Cass and Guthrie counties are only on when needed.

He says the commercial jets that regularly fly over Iowa at high altitudes would not set off the system. Greenwood says warning lights have been on top of wind turbines since they started putting them up.

He says they just recently started testing the system for the Eclipse the Morning Light wind farms in the four counties.

Greenwood says they are looking for input on the change from residents and pilots.

He says they will runs tests throughout the next year to see how everything works.

Greenwood says it may be a system they use with new wind farms and they could also look at a system for other wind farms as they take down components and replace them with new ones.