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New Garbage Cans Required In Sheldon By July 1st

Sheldon, Iowa — If you live in Sheldon and put your trash out for collection once a week you have about a month to obtain one of the new, automated-capable trash cans, if you haven’t already done so.

The new cans will allow the city’s garbage haulers to more easily empty the refuse from the customers’ cans into the garbage trucks. Sheldon City Manager Sam Kooiker says the city’s two haulers, De Kruif Disposal and Schwarz Sanitary Service, approached the city council to request the receptacle change.

(As above) “The city is part way through a three year contract with the garbage hauler. Sheldon has two, and the garbage haulers came to the city last year and asked for assistance in encouraging people to switch to an automated capable can. And we’re talking now about the garbage cans right now, and not recycling cans. So the city agreed to pass an ordinance amendment, in exchange for them being willing to increase their recycling pickup.”

Kooiker says there are two sizes of trash cans available, depending upon how much trash your household accumulates each week.

(As above) “The standard size is sixty-five gallon. We’re also offering the ability, if people want they can have a thirty-two gallon can. The cans can be purchased from three different places in town, or they can be purchased outside of town too, if people really want to. We do prefer, obviously, that people buy it locally, but it’s we’re leaving it to them.”

He talks about where the cans can be purchased locally.

(As above) “Bomgaars has been selling quite a few of them, or if you call the hauler they’ll deliver and set it up for you. And so there’s there’s three good options to purchase a can locally.”

You can purchase your can anytime, but the ordinance amendment requiring the new style garbage cans in Sheldon goes into effect July 1st.

If you’re curious about what the new cans look like, check out the photo of the 65-gallon size at the top of this page.

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