New Grain Bin Shelter At Hawkeye Point

Sibley, Iowa — A grain bin shelter has been recently completed up at Hawkeye point, and the Osceola County Economic Development Commission is excited for everyone to see it.

Stephanie Neppl, the executive director of Osceola County Economic Development Commission, lets us in on some information on the shelter.

(as said) “We worked out financing a new grain bin shelter, so we had some support from the Community Foundation Of Osceola County, and the Osceola County Conservation Office, and then the Hawkeye Point Foundation to put up a really cool grain bin shelter that can be utilized for people, for picnics, or just kind of to hang out. Protect themselves from the sun or the rain when they visit, and so we got that up a couple of weeks ago”

The Shelter itself consists of the top half of a grain bin that people can sit under for protection from the elements. Benches have been placed inside the shelter and electricity is looking to be added soon.

(as said) “We’re always looking to add new amenities and features at Hawkeye point,” Neppl says, “You know we really want to pull people there that are going by on the interstate, or, you know, just looking for a stop while on a road trip…” 

Neppl also says that the shelter has seen some use already.

(as said) “…We’ve already had someone hold a wedding out there, from what we’ve heard from one of our board members, which is really cool.”

Neppl wants people to know that they are always looking to create a pleasant place for individuals in state and for individuals coming from out of state. A live video feed of the new grain bin shelter can be found here, as well as a link to the Hawkeye Point Website for more information about Hawkeye point.



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