New Rock Rapids Development Director To Take Reins

Rock Rapids, Iowa — A Rock Rapids native is coming back to Rock Rapids to help the town land new businesses, find housing for employees, and help retain current businesses.
Micah Freese RREDC
The Rock Rapids City Council wrapped up their search for a new development director a while back, and the man who is going to take the reins — Micah Freese — has been working with Rock Rapids Economic Development Director John Hulshof for the last month.

Hulshof has been instrumental in several development projects since taking the position in August, 2008. Before that, Hulshof worked for Frontier Bank. Hulshof announced in March that he intends to retire in August after eight years at the helm of the Rock Rapids Development Corporation.

Freese says he’s really looking forward to helping out his hometown.

Freese says he has a degree in business administration and has been working for Walmart Corporation.

He says his focus will be primarily on following through on the projects that Hulshof started at first, but he will be working to promote the community to businesses and industries, develop housing opportunities, and work to retain current businesses.

Freese says that being available is important, and he plans to do that. He says he knows the job comes with continuous research.

The new economic development director says that he and soon-to-be-retired director Hulshof will work together until the end of the month. At that point, Hulshof will be available for consultation, but Freese will be flying the economic development ship “solo” at that point.

Freese says he’s looking forward to moving back “home” to Rock Rapids and being able to enroll his kids at Central Lyon. He says he’s very grateful for the education he received there and wouldn’t be where he is today without it.