New “Windshield Time” Discusses Seat Belt Use

seat beltOrange City, Iowa — A few weeks ago we told you about a new video blog introduced by an Iowa State Trooper from Orange City.  Trooper Vince Kurtz’s video blog, or vlog, is called “Windshield Time”, and it’s an effort by Kurtz, and the Iowa State Patrol, to reach drivers, especially teens, with a safe driving message.

Kurtz tells KIWA that the current vlog deals with seat belt use.

He says the new video is called, “The Eight Percent”, which refers to the number of Iowa motorists who still don’t buckle up.

Kurtz says the video includes footage from a ride-along with Sioux City’s Mercy Air Care, who he calls some of the unsung heroes of the public safety team.

“The Eight Percent” is a very powerful video that brings home the reality of not buckling up.  The video can be viewed below.