Northey Says State Better Prepared In Case Of Bird Flu

Bill NortheyNorthwest Iowa — The first case of avian influenza was confirmed in northwest Iowa almost a year ago. Within a few months, the disease had wiped out more than 34-million chickens and turkeys on 77 poultry operations.

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey says he’s hopeful we won’t see a repeat this year, but if we do, the state is better prepared.

Northey says one major change that’s been implemented is in how state and federal agriculture officials interact with owner/operators where avian flu has been confirmed.

Since last year’s outbreak, Northey says many of the state’s poultry farms that were impacted are back in full swing, especially the smaller operations.

It’s thought the disease was transmitted in large part by wild waterfowl, ducks and geese, during their annual migration.



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