Northwestern College Sets New Record For Student Enrollment

Orange City, Iowa — Congratulations are in order for Northwestern College, as they have set a second consecutive record for student enrollment.

Duane Beeson, Northwestern’s director of marketing and communications, says that Northwestern is excited, and runs us through the numbers.

(as said) “We’re really excited to have another record enrollment. This is two years in a row where we have set records, this fall, we have an enrollment of 1,546, that’s more than a 9% increase from last year, and last years record was 1,412 students. Before that, our previous record had been 1,342, so we’re over 200 over that.”

This year also marks the largest amount of graduates from Northwestern with 461, while last year saw 351 graduates. Beeson then talks about how Northwestern feels to see such high enrollment numbers in the midst of COVID.

(as said) “We are just really thankful for the enrollment we have this year, you know, with COVID, I think most colleges had some trepidation, wondering, you know, what the year was going to be like, and even though we have a variety of numbers that we’re tracking throughout the year, and things were looking good, we knew more than ever that it wouldn’t be until students actually arrived and enrolled in classes that we would really have a good sense of where we stood.”

Beeson says, despite Northwestern having a good idea that it was going to be a good year, Northwestern is still pleasantly surprised at the turnout for this year.

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