One Of World’s Richest Women Donates $5 Million To Iowa Non-Profit

Sioux City, Iowa — An unusual phone message led to a five MILLION dollar grant for the Siouxland Community Health Center of Sioux City.

Mari Kaptain-Dahlen, the CEO of the non-profit health center, says the initial call came in mid-September from a woman who would only talk to her.

The woman Kaptain-Dahlen was speaking with represents the Yield Giving Foundation — established by MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of Amazon founder Jeff Bazos. In the past three years, Scott has given away about half her fortune to non-profits around the world. Kaptain-Dahlen says this is how the foundation representative she spoke with in September announced the grant:

Last year, the Siouxland Community Health Center served 35-thousand patients who spoke 52 different languages. The center’s CEO credits the more than 350 people on staff and board members for embracing the non-profit’s mission.

Andrea Buckley, chair of the center’s board of directors, also spoke at Wednesday’s news conference.

Yield Giving’s website indicates the foundation has donated more than 14 BILLION dollars to over 16-hundred non-profits around the world so far and at least seven are located in Iowa.



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