Open Burning Ban Going Into Effect In Sioux County

Sioux County, Iowa — The Iowa State Fire Marshal has issued an Open Burning Ban for Sioux County that will go into effect Wednesday (September 23rd) at 6:00 a.m.

According to a proclamation from the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office, Sioux Center Fire Chief Dave Van Holland requested the state to prohibit open burning in Sioux County. The proclamation goes on to say that, upon investigation, the Fire Marshal finds that conditions in Sioux County are such that open burning in Sioux County constitutes a danger to life or property.

According to the Fire Marshal, effective at 6:00 am Wednesday, open burning is prohibited in Sioux County until such time as Chief Van Holland notifies the State Fire Marshal that the dangerous conditions no longer exist.

The Fire Marshal’s Office says anyone open burning in Sioux County after 6:00 Wednesday morning will be guilty of a simple misdemeanor.



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