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Police Chief: Be Careful At New Traffic Light In Sheldon

Sheldon, Iowa — The new traffic light on Highway 18 at the Taco Johns/Sheldon Crossing corner is a little different than some you may have encountered in the past, especially in Sheldon.

Sheldon Police Chief Scott Burtch says there are two different things about the new signal.

What makes it a little more confusing is that condition used to be signaled another way in bigger cities. It used to be that for the left-turn lane, a green arrow meant you could turn because the oncoming traffic was stopped and your turn was protected — and then — if the oncoming traffic had a green light — and it was up to you to make sure your path was clear to turn — that used to be signaled by a steady green disk. Now, if that’s the case, you get the flashing amber arrow — meaning again that it’s OK to turn, but you’ll need to make sure there’s no oncoming traffic before you do.

Burtch tells us about the other difference that you may not exactly be used to.

He says that people from this area may not be used to what is called “delayed green” and may find it disconcerting that they get to go, while the oncoming traffic has a red light, or vice versa.

Burtch says the new light seems to be working well.

There was no traffic light at that intersection before. It was installed in late July.