Psychological Impact Of Prolonged Dreary Weather

Northwest Iowa — The prolonged cool, cloudy, rainy weather so far this spring has caused many northwest Iowans to become a little surly. We were curious about the psychological impact this spring’s weather can have.

We talked to Dr. Shawn Scholten of the Creative Living Center, and she tells us this weather has caused symptoms similar to those created by something normally seen during the winter months.

Dr. Scholten talks about the weather’s impact on different groups of people.

She talks about some of the psychological impact of our recent weather.

Dr. Scholten says the weather also impacts people’s stress levels.

She says there are some things you can do to help cope with the impact of the dreary weather. She says tapping into your spiritual faith, eating right, keeping your strength up, taking vitamins to replace the Vitamin D we normally get from the sunshine, and getting enough sleep are all skills to help you cope. She says there are other coping skills, as well.

Dr. Scholten says counseling can also be helpful.

Dr. Scholten holds a Doctoral Degree in Counseling Psychology, and works with clients of the Creative Living Center in Rock Valley.

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