Read the fine print before buying into a timeshare

Some Iowans will be using the Thanksgiving holiday to plan for a longer holiday at the end of the year, and if you’re thinking about an extended vacation, be very careful before putting down any money on a timeshare.

Consumer advocate Michael Domke says some new timeshare contracts say you aren’t tied to a single vacation home.

Domke says it pays to read the fine print on any contract. Plus, he says if someone is trying to get you to pay right away for something you haven’t had a chance to read, you should just walk away from the deal. Domke notes there are other factors you should weigh before buying into a timeshare.

Even if you’ve signed the contract, many such deals contain a built-in cooling off period where you’re able to void the contract without penalty.

If you think you may’ve been swindled, contact the Consumer Protection Division of the Iowa Attorney General’s Office.



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