Recent Rains & Storms Limit Planting/Fieldwork

Northwest Iowa — Iowa farmers only had about three days this past week that were suitable for fieldwork, thanks to multiple storm systems that brought significant rain and cooler temperatures. That’s according to the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service and the latest Iowa Crop Progress and Condition Report.

Topsoil moisture in Iowa was rated 10 percent very short, 27 percent short, 60 percent adequate, and three percent surplus. Subsoil moisture was rated 19 percent very short, 36 percent short, 43 percent adequate, and two percent surplus.

The report says 13 percent of corn is planted in Iowa, three days ahead of last year and the 5-year average. Eight percent of the soybean crop had been planted, four days ahead of last year and six days ahead of the average.

Here in northwest Iowa, 19 percent of acres intended to be planted to corn is planted. They tell us that 9 percent of soybeans are planted. There isn’t a whole lot of oats grown in northwest Iowa, but the report says 96 percent of intended oats acres are planted, and 58 percent of the oats have emerged.

Northwest Iowa had 2.7 days suitable for fieldwork in the last week.

The good news is most of the farmland has enough moisture in the profile now. Topsoil moisture in northwest Iowa is 81 percent adequate or surplus and only 19 percent short or very short. Deeper into the ground, the subsoil moisture is doing pretty well too, especially considering recent droughts. Northwest Iowa subsoil is rated 5 percent very short, 29 percent short, 62 percent adequate, and 4 percent surplus.

(With help from fellow Community First Broadcasting station KUOO in Spirit Lake)