Restaurant Donates To American Diabetes Association

Sheldon, Iowa — Those who suffer from diabetes are receiving some extra help this holiday season from Taco John’s in Sheldon.
Nachos Navidad
Taco John’s manager Dawn Culver says this is the 20th year Taco John’s is offering Nachos Navidad during the holidays and donating a portion of the sales. She says that over the years, the group of Taco John’s restaurants of which Sheldon’s restaurant is a part, has supported a variety of charitable causes.

She says it has been a good promotion for the Tex-Mex franchise restaurant. She tells us what’s on an order of “Nachos Navidad.”

She says the promotion also includes a limited-time-only classic dessert.

Culver says twenty five cents from every Nachos Navidad and Apple Grande sold in their group of Taco John’s restaurants goes toward the American Diabetes Association. Culver invites everyone to help defeat diabetes and get some Nachos Navidad or Apple Grande to enjoy.

Nachos Navidad poster