Reynolds is now chair of Republican Governors Association

Statewide Iowa — Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has been elected chair of the Republican Governors Association. Reynolds says Republican governors and candidates must show voters an alternative to the chaos and dysfunction in the federal government.

Twenty-eight states currently have a Republican governor, but Democrats defeated GOP candidates in three of those states last week. There are three governors races in 2023 and Reynolds, as the Republican Governors Association chair, will now be leading fundraising and other efforts to support GOP candidates for governor in Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Reynolds made her remarks this week at the Republican Governors Association meeting in Florida. Sara Craig Gongol, who has served as Reynolds’ chief of staff for nearly four years, is leaving to take over as executive director of the Republican Governors Association in January. Craig Gongol was a consultant on Governor Reynolds’ 2018 campaign and she’s worked for a number of state and federal candidates in Iowa and elsewhere.