Rules Updated For Those Who Produce Their Own Electricity

IUB LogoNorthwest Iowa — If you provide some or all of your electricity through wind or solar, the Iowa Utilities Board recently updated their rules that apply to you.

Iowa Utilities Board spokesman Don Tormey says it involves a process known as “net metering.”

He says the new rules expand the size of operations that can feed electricity back into the grid.

Tormey says the rules cover the state’s two largest utility companies and it asks them to write new rules for the cost or tariff charged to the customer for hooking up to the grid.

He says there’s not an exact number of people who are creating their own energy with the chance to feed the excess back to the power companies, but it could be around 15-hundred or more.

Tormey says he expects more people to look at creating their own energy either from wind or solar.

Experts in the field say the cost of solar panels has been coming down as technology improves and more people are looking at using them. You can find out more about net metering on the I-U-B’s website.



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