Sanford Sheldon, Partners Running As Usual: Not At Capacity

Sheldon, Iowa — While there is talk about a Sioux City hospital running close to capacity, Sanford Sheldon CEO Rick Nordahl says that’s not a problem for Sanford Sheldon.

Nordahl says the hospital that they work with — Sanford USD Medical Center in Sioux Falls is not running at capacity at this time.

Nordahl tells us about the numbers locally at Sanford Sheldon.

Nordahl assures us that if there were to be issues with transferring patients to bigger hospitals or if they were running close to normal capacity here in Sheldon, there are contingency plans in place.

Nordahl says this issue, and some others are why they’re pushing getting a flu shot so hard this year.

Sanford Sheldon is offering several drive-thru flu shot clinics this year, where you don’t even need to exit your vehicle. Of course, they also offer flu shots in their clinic, if you would prefer. Plus several other outlets provide flu shots, including some pharmacies in the area.



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