Sanford’s Dr. Becker Helps Differentiate Between Allergies And COVID-19

Northwest Iowa — It is allergy season. But this year people are also concerned that their symptoms might be COVID-19 instead.

We talked with Sanford Sheldon Physician, Dr. Ryan Becker about that. He tells us they’ve been taking a lot of phone calls and electronic messages about that very question. He says there are some key things to look for so you know what you’re dealing with, but there ARE some symptoms that are common to both seasonal allergies and COVID-19.

So, Becker says it should be fairly easy to differentiate between seasonal allergies and COVID-19. BUT, differentiating between influenza and COVID, might be a little more difficult.

Becker tells us that this fall it will be even more important to get your flu shot — to help prevent doctors and facilities from having to use their resources for influenza when they might be needed to assist with a COVID-19 outbreak.

Also, if you think there’s any possibility you have COVID-19, Becker asks you to please not just show up at the clinic and possibly infect others in the waiting room. He says you should call ahead, tell them you wonder if you might have COVID, and they will direct you what to do to get you in to see your provider with the least potential exposure to others.


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