Seasons Changing, Trooper Advises Caution On The Roads

Northwest Iowa — With the crop out of the field, things are gradually changing for area motorists. For one thing, lack of crop means lack of cover for wildlife, and they will be crossing the roads and highways much more now.

Iowa State Trooper Kevin Krull tells us about it.

And with this time of the year, we also have more chance for snowstorms and other winter driving conditions. Trooper Krull gives us some tips to get your vehicle ready for winter.

Krull tells us what to keep in a winter survival kit in your vehicle.

He says sometimes during severe winter weather, law enforcement agencies will say “no travel advised.” He says that’s more than just a suggestion.

Krull also advises people to download and use the 511 Iowa app. But obviously, he also tells us not to interact with it while driving. He says it can seem like a big task to change your driving habits, but if you just tell yourself that on THIS TRIP, I’m going to be a safe driver, and then drive defensively, that can make a difference. Then just tell yourself that same thing every time you get behind the wheel.