Second Annual “Hogtoberfest” To Be At Rolling Hills Near Hull

Hull, Iowa — What area festival is a rib cookoff, a celebration of October Pork Month, and the fun of Octoberfest all wrapped into one? That would be Hull’s “Hogtoberfest” on Saturday.

Hull Chamber Executive Director Faye De Kam tells us more.

(as said:) “Hogtoberfest is a rib-cooking competition. And then with that, we also sell tickets to the community that they can come in for supper and then have a rib meal. So basically what it is is that 8:00 a.m. we have meat available out at the Rolling Hills Country Club, and this is when our cooks get the first chance to get their meat and then get it all prepared. The only thing that we ask is that it’s done at 4:45 p.m.”

She says it’s a fair competition because everyone has to use the same meat and gets the same amount of time to work their magic on it.

(as said:) “Then everybody gets the same conditions. Meat is done at 4:45 p.m. sharp, and then the judges receive it at 5 p.m. And they judge the meat on appearance, taste, and how tender it is. The winner is given a hundred dollars in chamber cash and then the runner up is $50 in chamber cash.”

After that, they will serve the meal. To help with COVID restrictions, the entire event has been moved outdoors. Sanitizing stations and masks will be available and seating will be staggered.

De Kam tells us they will have games and more after the meal.

(as said:) “We do also have live music that will be out there as well. So the games that we’re going to be holding are some typical Oktoberfest games. One of them is called Stein Holding. You get a stein glass and a liter of water goes in it. And so you hold your hand out that has the stein glass in it. And the last person who can hold their arm parallel to the ground wins.”

Other games involve hammering a nail into a log by a team, and throwing beer kegs for distance.

Again, the event starts with the judging at 5 p.m. at Rolling Hills Country Club near Hull this Saturday, October 3rd.



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