September Cooler, Drier Than Normal, NWS Says Dry Conditions Expected To Continue

Sheldon, Iowa — September 2020 was slightly cooler than a normal September, and overall slightly cooler than September last year. The big weather news, however, is the lack of rainfall and resultant drought conditions.

Just 0.71-inch of rain fell into the KIWA rain gauge during the month of September, that’s 1.75-inches below the September 2019 total, and a full 2.34-inches less than a normal September. And although the forecast calls for a slight…VERY slight…chance of rain on Saturday, Sioux Falls National Weather Service Lead Forecaster Matthew Dux says the dry conditions won’t be ending anytime soon.

(As above) “We’re looking at a VERY dry forecast for at least the next seven to ten days across much of the region. So, October is going to start out likely very dry for many of us.”

September saw some very warm temperatures, as well as some that were rather cool. The highest temperature recorded in Sheldon during the month was 90-degrees, which was recorded on September 7th. that’s two degrees warmer than the highest temperature during September, 2019, which was 88 degrees, while the average high of 73-degrees was two degrees cooler than September a year ago.

Our coolest temperature recorded in September of 2020 was 37-degrees, which was recorded on September 29th. During September, 2019 the coldest low temperature of 42-degrees was recorded on September 28th. Average low temperature for September this year was47-degrees, which was some two degrees cooler than the coldest temperature recorded in September, 2019.

The official National Weather Service observations for Sheldon are compiled by KIWA Radio.



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