Sheldon City Council Helps Developers Get CDBG Funds For Upper Story Apartments

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council approved several items with one fell swoop at their meeting Wednesday evening.

Called the “consent agenda,” the measure lumps together several items that do not appear to be controversial. Of course, if a council member wants something pulled out of the consent agenda, the council can consider the item separately, but as a general rule, all the items are usually voted on together.

This time, the consent agenda included the confirmation of the appointments of of Wayne Barahona as EMA Director & Mitch Giese as Assistant EMA director, Sam Wagner to the Airport Commission, Eric Maassen to the Crossroads Pavilion Board, Kevin Welch to the Planning & Zoning Commission, and Shanelle Matus to the Library Board. It also included the confirmation of the reappointment of Josh Kraayenbrink to the Airport Commission.

The consent agenda also included the approval of fire applicant, Joseph Urwin, SCAT applicant, Emily Tune, and a temporary wine permit for 1410 Park Street for a special event at Sweet Puddle Jumpers.

Plus, resolutions approving the agreement for Design, Bidding, Construction Admin/Observation Service for the North Hangar Rehabilitation Project and on authorizing the hiring of Dave Andringa as water superintendent were also part of the consent agenda, among other items.

The council also held a public hearing on the submission of a Community Development Block Grant Application For Upper Story Conversion. There were no comments, but since it was for a CDBG, Mayor Greg Geels was required to read a statement.

To hear the full statement, you can watch the video below.

The council passed a resolution approving location and need for the proposed upper story development project for the HC Lane buildings at 326 9th Street and 324 9th Street.

The Sheldon City Council also approved the preliminary & final plat for the Bethel site redevelopment, and approved amendments to the minimum assessment agreement for that project.

Incidentally, while most other boards and councils use the “all in favor say aye” type of approval for most items voted on by those bodies, the Sheldon City Council has used the audible roll call vote method for every item for several years. At the beginning of this meeting, they attempted to change to the “all in favor say aye” method. Council members and the mayor seemed uncomfortable with the change, which prompted Mayor Geels to revert to the method he and the council are used to.

Watch the full meeting below: