Sheldon Council Meets Tuesday This Week

city councilSheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon City Council will meet this week at noon on Tuesday, with a public hearing on Sunshine Addition Lot Prices. In an effort to create more housing in Sheldon, the City Council is proposing to offer five un-sold lots in the Sunshine Addition for only one dollar each. Anyone who buys a lot for a dollar must begin new construction of a residence within twelve months of the purchase, and agree to a minimum tax assessment showing a valuation of two hundred thousand dollars for the lot. This minimum assessment will go into effect if construction does not begin within that twelve month period. The five lots involved in this offer are on the North end of Ninth Avenue in the Sunshine Addition.

Other Agenda items include approval for the Sheldon Housing Review Board’s Authorized signers.

Please note the change in date and time. This Council meeting will be held at noon Tuesday July 14th in the upper level of the Sheldon Community Services Center.