Sheldon Council Talks Priorities

Sheldon, Iowa — When the Sheldon City Council held a goal setting session recently they were asked to vote on the initiatives and programs they felt were most important.  The project getting the most votes was to provide funding for an aggressive effort at getting rid of abandoned and unsafe buildings.

At Wednesday’s meeting the Council decided they would work with the Sheldon Chamber and Development Corporation, who had also listed the abandoned and unsafe buildings situation as one of their priorities.

Other priorities find three items tied in the number of votes received.  One is an evaluation of the feasibility of adding part-time police officers.   It was pointed out at Wednesday’s meeting that there are times, such as special events, when an additional police officer is needed.  The council plans to work with the Police Department on that concern.  There is also a concern about the fact that there will be several possible retirements on the police force, and it would be a good idea to develop prospects to take their place in the future.

Another item listed was to adopt a rental code.   The council agreed that it will take some time to develop such a program.  Finding ways to fund Capital Improvements was also on the priority list.  It was mentioned that could possibly be done with a Utility Franchise Fee, namely on Mid-American Energy services to the community.  The City will look into how this has worked in other cities.   The goal setting sessions for both the City and SCDC were facilitated by Jeff Schott of the University of Iowa Institute of Public Affairs.









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