Grand Master Robert Jager

Sheldon, Iowa – A Sheldon Tae Kwon Do instructor became the first American to be awarded Grand Master status in the American Tae Kwon Do Association during a Wednesday evening ceremony at the ATA’s World Expo in Little Rock, Arkansas.

At last year’s World Expo Robert Jager of Sheldon earned his 9th Degree Black Belt, and he has spent the past year preparing himself to qualify to become a Grand Master. Grand Master Jager was one of just four people from around the world to be awarded Grand Master status at this year’s ATA World Expo, which is being held this week.

Sheldon resident Robert Jager being dubbed Grand Master in the ATA

Grand Master Robert Jager

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Original post 12:53 pm, 7/10/2019

Sheldon, Iowa — It was just one year ago that ATA Chief Master Bob Jager of Sheldon tested for, and won, his 9th Degree Black Belt in ATA Tae Kwon Do. Tonight (Wednesday July 10th), Jager will be awarded Grand Master status in the ATA organization.

The 50th ATA World Expo is going on this week in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the Masters Ceremony tonight at 6:00.

After earning his 9th Degree Black Belt at last year’s Expo, Chief Master Jager told KIWA that there were a number of things he would need to accomplish before this year in order to earn the title of Grand Master.

Jager’s daughter, Jodi Vermeer of Sheldon, tells KIWA that for her father to qualify as Grand Master he was required to rehearse the nine steps to Mastership in the Traditional Masters Ceremony. Those nine steps are: 1 #vision; 2 #respect; 3. #loyalty; 4 #knowledge; 5 #gratitude; 6 #honor; 7 #humility; 8 #nobility; 9 #mastership.

Chief Master Jager described the tasks as training with other Grand Masters, and going through tonight’s ceremony.

Jager’s daughter tells KIWA that her father will be the first American to be awarded the title of Grand Master by the ATA.



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