Sheldon Public Works To Do More Smoke Testing

Sheldon, Iowa — The Sheldon Public Works team is going to be doing more smoke testing.

City officials tell us they will be smoke testing sanitary sewers in portions of the south and west sides of Sheldon on November 13th and 14th. They tell us smoke testing sanitary sewers will help them determine problem areas in the sanitary sewer system that are allowing clean water into the sanitary sewers causing the piping to carry excessive water flow and the plant to treat those same flows. They tell us removing the ground water from the sanitary system reduces the risk of sanitary sewer backups and helps keep sewer rates as low as possible.

City officials assure us that the smoke that is used is not toxic and will not leave a residue in your home. They do ask that everyone in the smoke testing area pour water into their drains to ensure that traps are full prior to the smoke testing. If you have any questions or smoke is in your home during testing, they ask you to contact the City Offices at 712-324-4651 or email Todd Uhl at

City manager Sam Kooiker says, “Don’t panic, smoke will be coming out of the sewers (and maybe roof drains if things are hooked up wrong).”



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