Sheldon’s Longest-Serving Police Officer Completes His Final Shift

Sheldon, Iowa — The longest serving officer in the history of the Sheldon Police Department spent his last shift in a patrol car yesterday, before heading into retirement.

KIWA’s Tom Traughber had the opportunity to do a ride-along with retiring Sheldon officer Scott DeGoei for a couple of hours yesterday. We asked DeGoei about the biggest changes to the community of Sheldon since he first pinned on his badge in June of 1987.

We asked Officer DeGoei if there were any memorable incidents from the past 32 years that stuck out in his mind.

It’s been said that police work consists of 90% boredom, and 10% adrenaline. We asked DeGoei if he agreed with that assessment.

We asked him about what goes through his mind on the day that he knows is his last day as a cop.

He said there are things about the job he’s going to miss, and others he’s not.

As we patrolled the streets of Sheldon, DeGoei pointed out various locations where he had responded over the past 32-years. We talked about technology changes he’s seen during his time on the job…particularly the change from hand-written tickets and reports to computer-generated documents.

We closed out our ride-along with Officer DeGoei posing for one last photo with his patrol vehicle. He’s had a front row seat to the best and worst that’s happened in this community over the past 32-years…from the driver’s seat of a Sheldon Police car.

Officer Scott DeGoei, congratulations on a well-earned retirement. And thank you for 32-years protecting and serving the citizens of Sheldon.

KIWA Staff Photo – Officer Scott DeGoei On His Last Shift As A Sheldon Police Officer


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