Shortage Means Opportunity For Nursing Students

Northwest Iowa — According to area nursing instructors, there’s no shortage of jobs in the nursing field, and the need for nurses is only going to increase in coming years.
Ruth Hobson is the Director Of Nursing Education at Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon. She tells us why the nursing shortage is forecast to become deeper.

She says the nursing shortage, while it sounds like bad news is actually a great opportunity for those interested in nursing.

She says while some colleges are doing recruitment specifically for nursing, at NCC, they haven’t had a problem keeping interest high and classes full. And she says a nurse can get a job practically anywhere he or she wants.

Dr. Deb Bomgaars, Director of the Nursing Program at Dordt College in Sioux Center says that they are trying a new strategy.

Dr. Bomgaars echo’s Hobson’s sentiment that there is great opportunity in northwest Iowa in the nursing field, and she has the statistics to back it up.

She says unlike some professions where graduates have to go where the jobs are, nursing graduates can pretty much decide where they want to live, and get a nursing job in that city before they even graduate. And she says that’s exciting to see.



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