Sibley Plant Up For Sale; Smell Continues

Sibley, Iowa — The Iowa Drying and Processing or IDP plant in Sibley is up for sale, but the odor issues continue.
Iowa Drying and Processing IDP
The City of Sibley has been in an ongoing battle to try to get the odor problem fixed so IDP can continue providing jobs for Sibley residents. But it doesn’t seem to be working.

According to commercial real estate broker William Stazzoni with World Group Commercial Real Estate, the plant and property in Sibley has been listed for sale. On the firm’s web site at, the 160,000 square foot plant is listed at $5.5 million. As of last report, no offers had been received.

A hearing on the matter which was to have taken place in August has been pushed back to November 1st and 2nd, due to a scheduling conflict on the part of the judge, according to Sibley City Attorney Harold Dawson. He says legal actions continue from the city against Iowa Drying and Processing and ChemSol. He says they are trying to enforce their city council decision.

He says a counter suit has been filed by Iowa Drying and Processing against the City of Sibley, requesting that the court not allow Sibley to continue what they’ve been doing.

Dawson says the city continues to cite IDP for violations of their nuisance ordinance. But Dawson says the goal of the city continues to be to get rid of the smell. He says they didn’t want to force IDP out of business, as city officials say they are good for the economy of the town and are a valued employer. He says it was only about the odor issue, and that’s why they wanted to get an engineer into the plant to come up with a solution. Dawson says IDP has been resisting that idea, and that’s the point around which the litigation revolves. Dawson says from a legal standpoint things are basically “on hold” until November.



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