Sioux Center Dentist Says Clinic For Kids A Success

Sioux Center, Iowa — A Sioux Center dentist says the free dental clinic his practice offered to children in need Tuesday was a success.

Several days of screenings were held at Sioux Center schools to determine the needs for the children who participated in the first “Give Kids a Smile” dental clinic operated by Doctor Trevor Kuiper and his staff.

He says the total cost for all the services provided to the children was a little more then 23-thousand dollars. Kuiper and his staff got help from several volunteers who came from Community Health Partners, Mid-Sioux, and Kinsey Elementary School. Kuiper says it was a good day of helping kids in need.

Kuiper says one thing he may consider doing differently for the next “Give Kids a Smile” clinic, is to schedule it later in the week. He says the difficult thing for him is most of the kids treated Tuesday need more dental care, and that there are many more children needing dental services that won’t get it because either their parents can’t get off work to take them to a dentist, or they have financial limitations.

(Courtesy fellow Community First Broadcasting station KSOU in Sioux Center)


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