Sioux Center Pella Plant Makes Face Shields For Medical Personnel

Sioux Center, Iowa — Pella Corporation’s Sioux Center plant has just finished up an order that they’ve been working on for about three months. But it has nothing to do with windows and doors.

Pella Corporation’s Sioux Center Plant manager Denny Van Zanten tells us that since April, workers at the Sioux Center factory have been producing not only windows and doors but also face shields to help medical personnel deal with COVID-19.

(as said:) “It started because we had heard that there the medical professionals in the area needed something for face masks and face shields and they were having a hard time getting all the equipment that they needed — the PPE. At Pella we had some capabilities with our 3D printers to print brackets and to cut using a laser cutter to cut the shield part of the face shield as well and actually started down in Pella, Iowa. They got to design and started to make some for the local area and we had capability up here in Sioux Center. And so we started to produce them as well.”

He says they were glad they were able to help.

(as said:) “So we’re very very happy to be able to donate those as a support to medical professionals in the area. We’re just honored to be able to help out those medical professionals that needed some equipment during a crisis period and we’re happy that we were able to support them.”

Pella Corporation’s Sioux Center Plant has been in operation on Sioux Center’s north side for 20 years — since 2000.