Sioux Center Utilities Official Tells Us More About Getting Natural Gas From Cattle Manure

Sioux Center, Iowa — Last week we told you about a new project to make natural gas out of cattle manure and pipe it to Sioux Center to be used in homes and businesses in that community.

We had a chance to visit with Sioux Center Utilities Assistant Manager Adam Fedders, and he tells us more about the project.

He says there will be another line.

He says the pipeline will remain the property of the City of Sioux Center, but it ultimately will not cost taxpayers or the City’s gas customers.

Fedders says the City is always open to finding more sources of locally-produced natural gas, so this may not be the last agreement like this. He says many dairies are looking to partner with cities and other dairies to make something work to get more value out of their manure.

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