Sioux City Homeless Shelter Back Open After Closing Due To Fights

Sioux City, Iowa — Sioux City’s homeless shelter is now back open after a series of disturbances and calls to police this weekend forced it to close.

It’s called the “warming shelter” because it was originally opened to give people a place to go in the winter, but is now open year round. Police Sergeant Tom Gill says they’ve been getting an increase in calls to the shelter in June, and then Sunday things got started with a call about two women fighting over a phone.

Gill says police received reports of homeless people from around the region being dropped off in Sioux City because the shelter is open year-round. He says officers determined some of the issues there were caused by illegal activity in a nearby building.

He says officers got ahold of the owner of that building who helped clean up around the building and boarded it up.