Sioux County, Jailers Sued In Federal Wrongful Death Case

Orange City, Iowa — The estate of an inmate who committed suicide while incarcerated in the Sioux County Jail has sued the county and five members of the jail staff, saying they are responsible.

The estate of Dustin Herbst says that Herbst hanged himself in his Sioux County Jail cell on January 28th, 2018, after he hung a towel over his cell’s window, blocking the view of a surveillance camera. The document alleges that jail staff found Herbst over an hour later.

The estate claims that jail staff knew that he was a suicide risk, but did nothing to prevent his suicide. The estate claims that not only were jail staff made aware of past mental issues when Herbst was booked into the jail, they knew about text and telephone conversations in which Herbst said he was going to commit suicide, and they knew he had cut off all conversation with his girlfriend and family.

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages.

The estate has requested a jury trial. The case has been moved to federal court at the request of the defendants.



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