Spalding Catholic To Close In May

Alton, Iowa — After 60 years, it is nearly the end of an era in southeast Sioux County. The Spalding Catholic elementary school is closing at the end of the school year.

Spalding used to have a high school as well, but that closed in 2013.

We talked with principal Lorie Nussbaum about the Alton elementary, and she tells us why the school will be closing.

She tells us why enrollment is down.

She says she’s not aware of any other Catholic schools closing in the area. Deacon Dan Goebel is the development and enrollment director for Spalding. He says enrollment has steadily declined in other schools as well. He says some schools are experiencing growth, but not to the extent as seen 30 or so years ago.

Nussbaum says they’ve been working with the families to help them find alternatives for next year.

She says the school’s teachers are also making plans for next year.

But, she says, the news is still painful for all involved.

The last day at Spalding is scheduled for Thursday, May 23rd.