State Auditor Says New Restrictions Could Lead To Lawsuits

Des Moines, Iowa — State Auditor Rob Sand says a bill sent to the governor that would limit the auditor’s access to some confidential information could lead to a lot of extra time in court.

Sand, who is the only Democrat holding a statewide office, spoke to the Sioux City Rotary Club and later held a town hall in Onawa. He says the bill has been a hot topic.

Sand says if the governor signs the bill the state auditor would need to get approval from a three-member panel to take a state agency to court. The auditor, the department being audited and the governor would each appoint someone to the panel. Sand says they would let everyone know which agency is trying to “hide” information.

He says taxpayers should be concerned about the potential information the panel could allow to stay hidden.

Governor Kim Reynolds has not commented on the bill.



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