Superintendent Search, Public Hearing On TUESDAY’S School Board Agenda

Sheldon, Iowa — One of the major topics that will face the Sheldon Community Schools Board of Education when they meet Tuesday is the search for a new Superintendent of Schools to replace Robin Spears, who will be retiring next summer.

The agenda calls for the Board to finalize the timeline for hiring a new Superintendent, as well as review the surveys filled out by the District’s residents. They’re also scheduled to identify the desired qualifications for Spears’ replacement, as well as establishing a salary range for the position. As part of the Superintendent discussion, the Board will discuss preferences in the interview process, as well as considering a Confidentially Resolution for the Superintendent Search.

The Board is also scheduled to consider revisions to the current employment contract with Superintendent Spears. His current contract calls for a two-year term that isn’t set to expire until June 30, 2019. The revision is necessary to change the end date of that employment contract.

A Public Hearing is on Tuesday’s agenda to discuss the 2018-19 school calendar. A consideration of adoption of the calendar will be made following the Public Hearing.

In other action, the Board will hear a request for Open Enrollment Application, as well as a pair of employee resignations, and approve a trio of employment contracts, among numerous other agenda items.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Sheldon School Board begins at 5:00 pm in the high school library.




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